Becoming a sub-affiliate demonstrates a commitment to building Help Me Grow in your community, to ensure an organized system of community resources can reach all families. WithinReach is the designated lead agency (Organizing Entity) for Help Me Grow implementation in Washington State, overseeing regional replication of the Help Me Grow model and monitoring quality and consistency for efforts statewide. As the affiliate, WithinReach provides sub-affiliates with a variety of resources and support.

Benefits of sub-affiliation include marketing and communications, including the use of the Help Me Grow name and logo and access to a suite of tools developed by Help Me Grow National; a learning community with technical assistance, training opportunities and implementation support; tools and resources, with access to the affiliate-only sections of the Help Me Grow Washington and Help Me Grow National websites; and support for advocacy.

Connect with Help Me Grow Washington to learn about the roles and responsibilities associated with sub-affiliation and how your community can improve access to essential resources for children and families. For more information, email Jesse Gritton at

We are building a network of communities across Washington to work together to create a resource grid of community services and supports. Learn more about the Help Me Grow Washington network, and where parents and caregivers can access resources.