Who We Are

Help Me Grow Washington is a growing system of nonprofit organizations, Tribal nations, regional and county health and social service organizations, providers and provider organizations, and state agencies working together to serve families in Washington. We weave together state and community systems, providers, and resources to offer a full spectrum of supports to all families in Washington state with young children.

Our Story

From our launch more than 10 years ago, to early implementation and systems-building, to the strategic planning and expansion of today, Help Me Grow Washington’s trajectory has been rich and progressive. Visit the Help Me Grow Washington Network Timeline to learn more about the key milestones, partnerships, and funding that have contributed to our growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all Washington families have access to what they need, when they need it, specifically access to essential services (basic needs, health care, developmental supports, and family supports) so that their families can be healthy and thrive.

Our Approach

We believe in using a whole family approach where we serve the needs of individuals (parents, caregivers, and children) across generations within a family context. Utilizing equity-based strategies, we aim to create and sustain unique pathways for under-invested and therefore marginalized populations to access public health, health care, early learning, education, and social services, while pursuing the universal goal of promoting family resiliency and well-being.

Our Future

Our 2023-28 Strategic Plan, created in partnership with key stakeholders, community leaders, Tribal partners, policymakers, families and caregivers, and healthcare providers, sets the course for Help Me Grow Washington’s future and lays out six focus areas and nine strategic initiatives that we will work to accomplish in the next five years. Learn more about our Strategic Plan.

Help Me Grow Washington Governance

Community Partner Board

This Board is responsible for representing local and community perspectives, interests, and needs/gaps in order to develop and strengthen the connectivity between the state and local Help Me Grow systems within the network. The Community Partner Board is comprised of local and state representatives as well as emerging community partners.

Coordinating Team

The backbone for the Help Me Grow Washington network, this team is responsible for coordinating and planning for strategic initiatives across the system. The Coordinating Team is comprised of the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families and the Washington state Help Me Grow affiliate, WithinReach.

Stewardship Council

This Council will be responsible for ensuring the Help Me Grow Washington system is making progress toward achieving the goals and objectives set by the network. The Stewardship Council is under development, but we seek to include key perspectives from Tribal Nations, healthcare providers, caregivers and/or early education providers, rural communities, and Black, Indigenous and people of color.

Breaking Down Barriers

Last year, Help Me Grow Washington served a growing number of families. We fulfilled 16,999 requests for support, helping 12,850 children and 1,456 pregnant people gain access to nutrition and basic needs resources, such as transportation and financial assistance, and to adult and pediatric health and child development supports.

Learn more about our impact