Our Impact: Breaking Down Barriers

Last year, Help Me Grow Washington served a growing number of families. We fulfilled 16,999 requests for support, helping 12,850 children and 1,456 pregnant people gain access to nutrition and basic needs resources, such as transportation and financial assistance, and to adult and pediatric health and child development supports. Countless others were able to find support through our ParentHelp123 Resource Finder and WIC clinic and food bank texting tools.

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How We Serve Families

We serve all families in Washington. Help Me Grow coordinates access to the essentials: food security, family supports, medical care, and child development. We build connections with the families we serve and, over multiple interactions, ensure they are connected to helpful resources and programs. We also identify targeted populations that experience racial, systemic, or structural barriers to accessing services, and work to make sure these families have access to the resources they need, when they need them.

How We Serve Communities

We know it is essential to have a coordinated approach and centralized access to resources that support families. We work with local communities to find gaps in services, and plan and implement Help Me Grow in a way that honors the unique needs and resources of their regions. We provide access to funding, data, and resources to innovate and system-build. We collaborate with early childhood and learning coalitions, health care and social service providers, parents and caregivers, Tribal communities, and others to better serve families.

Building a Better System

We advocate on behalf of families, communities, and our partners to build a better future. Help Me Grow is strategically positioned to both define and support a shared agenda that promotes the optimal healthy development of all young children. Through advocacy and funding efforts, we coordinate requests from regional and local Help Me Grow systems to reflect localized needs with funders and legislature. We build a process for communities to access catalytic funding, resources, and support to develop local Help Me Grow systems.

How We Create Impact

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We welcome all who are interested in learning more about Help Me Grow Washington and who support building an organized system of community resources to help children grow up healthy.