January 26, 2024

Family Spotlight: Maria

Karla is one of our family support specialists who assist our Plan of Safe Care clients. Plan of Safe Care is a family-centered program that promotes the safety and well-being of infants with prenatal substance exposure and their families.

Karla reached out to Maria to offer her support and resources that would help her and her family. During their initial conversation in her native language, Maria opened up about her childhood trauma and the aspects of motherhood she found particularly challenging. She also shared that these difficulties were compounded by chronic anxiety and depression.

To ensure Maria got connected to the resources she had identified as most beneficial to her and her family, Karla supported her with warm hand-offs and completed applications with her over the phone. Karla was able to help Maria get connected to postpartum depression support, parenting classes, baby supplies, as well as resources to support employment and job training. Karla also went above and beyond to ensure that Maria connected with a Spanish-speaking community advocate who could work with her long-term and who specialized in supporting families affected by substance use disorder.

After Karla successfully got her a new, free phone through SafeLink Wireless, Maria texted her to let her know it had arrived, adding, “I never had the confidence to talk about my past, and you make me feel comfortable and open to sharing. Thank you.”

Karla exemplifies the warmth and caring that are the north star for our work at WithinReach. Her family-centered, empathetic approach created a place where Maria felt she could open up about her past, talk through barriers she continued to face, and get connected to community supports that will help her meet her goals.

  • Client name has been changed to protect identity