Learning Series: Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

Join Us for a Virtual Series of Community Conversations this May!

WithinReach is excited to host a spring learning series, Pregnancy and Postpartum Support, throughout the month of May. These weekly webinars will spotlight topics of connection, partnership and advocacy as we explore ideas and innovations in communities throughout Washington. 

These virtual events are FREE to attend and open to all community members!

Event Schedule

Wednesday, May 1 | noon – 1:00 p.m.

Views from Olympia on Advancing Maternal Health – Register for this session!

Policy and advocacy work provide great opportunities to pass laws, establish or improve benefits and services, and secure funding to support prenatal and maternal health. In this panel, we’ll hear from a range of people working in this space including a legislator, lobbyist, state agency representative, and others who are working to improve prenatal and maternal health. 

Wednesday, May 8 | noon – 1:00 p.m.

Family Care Plans: Aligning Child Welfare and Community Pathways to Support Families Experiencing Substance Use DisorderRegister for this session!

A Plan of Safe Care is a family-centered prevention plan designed to promote the safety and well-being of birthing parents and their infants with prenatal substance exposure. A Plan of Safe Care can strengthen protective factors, promote healthy development, and prevent child welfare involvement. Join us for an interview-style discussion about how the referral pathway to Help Me Grow offers wraparound services that help keep Washington state families together. 

  • Camille Schultz (she/her) – Supervising Coordinator of the Mental & Behavioral Health Team at WithinReach
  • Kate Agyei Yeboah (she/her) – Perinatal Partnership Manager at WithinReach
  • Karla Garcia Ramirez (she/her) – Bilingual Family Support Specialist on the Mental & Behavioral Health Team at WithinReach 

Wednesday, May 15 | noon – 1:00 p.m.

Harm Reduction Doulas: Improving Health and Wellness for Pregnant People Who Use DrugsRegister for this session!

Pregnant and birthing people who use drugs face unique challenges and barriers around receiving medical care and/or substance use treatment. Doulas offer emotional and physical support while their clients navigate social services, healthcare, and carceral systems while pregnant or parenting. The Harm Reduction Doula Collective provides companions for pregnant people who use drugs throughout the perinatal period. Join us for an interview-style discussion on the benefits and challenges clients face when seeking care, and how we can collectively build community partnerships to overcome the bias and stigma associated with perinatal drug use. 

Wednesday, May 22 | noon – 1:00 p.m.

Culturally Matched Peer Support in Perinatal Mental HealthRegister for this session!

Perinatal Support Washington is a statewide non-profit committed to shining a light on perinatal mental health to support all families and communities. They support people in the emotional transition to parenthood, including those experiencing depression, anxiety, loss, infertility, trauma, and more. Join us for an interview-style discussion about the importance and value of culturally matched peer support in perinatal mental health. 

Wednesday, May 29 | noon – 1:00 p.m.

Making Connections for Fathers Toward Healthy FamiliesRegister for this session!

Early relational health is a framework that explores the role of early relationships and experiences in healthy development across a child’s lifetime This panel will review why fathers are critical in child development, how they show up in our systems, and discuss ways we may increase inclusion of fathers to meet their unique needs. Join us as we explore how to change mindsets and our definition of whole families for non-cohabitation parents and complex family structures.