WithinReach is the Washington State affiliate and organizing entity for Help Me Grow. As the organizing entity, WithinReach leads the expansion of the Help Me Grow Washington system, working with local communities to plan and implement Help Me Grow in a way that honors the unique needs and resources of their regions. We also serve as the statewide coordinated access point for families seeking support.

System Expertise

WithinReach applies onboarding and planning tools from Help Me Grow National with local communities, and ensures that their work aligns with the key characteristics found in Help Me Grow systems nationwide. We offer coaching, training and shared learning opportunities for partners, as well as a hub of curated resources. We gather and share best practices, create pathways for data sharing and provide data infrastructure support.


WithinReach promotes practice and policy recommendations that align with statewide early childhood initiatives and build a shared vision for an equitable Help Me Grow Washington system. We work in partnership with regional and state agencies to support equitable decision-making that intentionally seeks diverse family voice, so we can build a system that reflects individual community needs and works for all families. We seek sustainable funding and empower others to advocate as well.

Contact the Help Me Grow Washington Hotline at 1-800-322-2588 to learn about resources related to health, development, behavior and learning. When you call the hotline, one of our Care Coordinators will listen to your concerns and find the appropriate resources and services to meet your family’s needs.